The Pillar of Shame in Rome

at the FAO Summit, 1996

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Happenings and Art Installations
1996-?: The Pillar of Shame
The Pillar of Shame in Hong Kong, 1997 to the English version of this document  
Additional Information:
Themes: Children´s rights | Hunger and malnutrition | Money as symbol | NGO activities | Summits
Sculptures: Pillar of Shame
Type: Overview
Dates: 1996
Locations: Ostiense Air Terminal, Rome, Italy | Villagio Globale, Rome, Italy
Co-operators and Helpers: Claudio Cifuentes | Hunger Gathering 1996, Villagio Globale, Rome, Italy | John Bonnesen Wolff | Kasper Markus | Krakagården | Maj Frost | Martin Liljendal | Niller Madsen | Preben Christensen | Rebekka Andreasen, Fyens Stiftstidende | Robert Etches | Silvie Cifuentes | Theodor Lyngby | Troels Gelting
Partners: FAO NGO Forum, Rome, 1996
Related Persons and Entities: FAO | Mayor of Rome, 1996 | Police of Rome
Sponsors: BUPL | DeTrey Dentsply AG, Schweiz | Fredsfonden | Funch Fonden | Gelsted/Kirk/Scherfig fonden | Kultursekretariatet i Odense Kommune | Lysgaard Fonden | Socialpædagogernes Landsforbund / National Federation of Social Educators | Socialpædagogernes Landsforbund i Vejle | Vedstaarup Lerfabrik A/S