In the spring of 2006

Jennifer Barron, USA

came to participate in our AIDOH activities

Jenni is a concept artist experimenting with a variety of media within the areas of sculpture, performance, and fiber work.

During her stay at our workshop she made an appreciable contribution to our manifold activities, modelling sculptures and even meddling with the strategic deliberations of our office. She joined the AIDOH staff that displayed Jens Galschiot´s sculptures at the European Social Forum in Athens. She made the first grounding modelling of the sculpture In the Name of God.

Before her departure Jenni had a thought-provoking performance at Gallery KIK in Kerteminde, where she presented her latest art installation, see the photo series below.

Contact: You get Jenni´s e-mail connecting "fiberje" with "".

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Level Up

Various Artists at Gallery Galschiot
Additional Information:
Themes: Ecology - sustainable development | Globalisation | Women´s rights | World trade
Type: Overview
Locations: Galleri KIK, Kerteminde, Denmark
Co-operators and Helpers: Galleri KIK, Kerteminde | Jennifer Barron, USA | Odense Aftenskole