Scheduled for 2nd June 2007:

The Pregnant Teenager in London

to join the rally ´Your Voice Against Poverty´

Below to the right you find a box intended for a photo of the Pregnant Teenager in London. But the box is empty, because the sculpture never came to London, according to the agreement with Rainbo, an association of African women.

Despite of any argument, the organizing NGO, BOND and their spokesperson Tom Allen, insisted on their absurd decision of banning the sculpture, that allegedly did not fit into the family-friendly circus-like concept of the rally. Jens Galschiot has spent 400 EURO in vain for transport of sculpture.

It is frustrating that a serious discussion is made impossible due to Tom Allen´s wily spin. He´s speaking with two voices: one to Rainbo and another to the media, stating that there there´s no ban of the sculpture. Repeated clear questions from Jens Galschiot and Rainbo remain unanswered, see correspondence below.

You are higly welcome to make an attempt to get an answer from Tom Allen.

Tom Allen does not understand that the artist is angry.

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