On 2nd January 2011:

Szeto Wah dies in Hong Kong

The Chinese democracy movement has lost an outstanding personality

As Danish sculptor Jens Galschiot in 1997 set up The Pillar of Shame in Hong Kong, Szeto Wah was one of the prime movers. He enthusiastically supported the initiative of erecting the poignant sculpture as an overt accusation of the Tiananmen crackdown. Being a renowned poet, he concocted a name in Chinese for the sculpture and for the artist as well.

In 2008 Jens Galschiot and his sons were denied entrance into Hong Kong, as they were taking part in the art happening TheColorOrange which would focus on the human rights situation during the Olympics in China in 2008. But Szeto Wah was able to turn defeat into victory as he and other democracy advocates painted The Pillar of Shame orange themselves - thereby bringing attention to the lack of freedom of speech.

Jens Galschiot has issued a message of condolences on the occasion of the death of his close friend and ally.

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