During the Social Summit in Geneva 2000

THE SILENT DEATH - 5 years later

Activists Denounce the World's Leaders

A follow-up of the happening The Silent Death from 1995. During the Social Summit in Geneva 2000, by-passers on Place des Nations were met with a macabre view of ´children´s bodies´, a bonfire of ´bank notes´ and young people sleeping on the ground.

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Level Up

Happenings and Art Installations
Additional Information:
Themes: Children´s rights | Criticism of governments | Debt cancellation | Hunger and malnutrition | NGO activities | Summits
Sculptures: Pillar of Shame, Top, No. 1 | UN Happening
Type: Overview
Dates: June 2000
Locations: Geneva, Switzerland | Place des Nations, Geneva, Switzerland
Co-operators and Helpers: Krakagården
Partners: Jubilee 2000
Related Persons and Entities: UN (United Nations)