The Pillar of Shame in Berlin

a Memorial for the Victims of Nazi Terror

Unfortunately this project is facing serious difficulties. We had planned the sculpture to be erected on a platform of bronze created by former concentration camp survivors who have engraved about 10 million notches into the bronze plates. However, as the survivors┤ associations are closing it is difficult to organise the setting of the notches on the sheets of paper, especially as we have not succeeded to provide the necessary funding.

So it seems that the project cannot be carried out according to the original concept. But we are considering alternatives. We should deeply regret to give up this project in which many people have invested so much energy.

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Additional Information:
Themes: Memorial events | NGO activities | Racism
Sculptures: Pillar of Shame
Type: Overview
Locations: Berlin, Germany
Co-operators and Helpers: Individual kz survivors all over the world | Jewish and Roma organisations | KZ memorial museums | KZ survivors organisations