Survival of the Fattest

- a sculpture about the world´s imbalance

A huge fat woman from the West is sitting on the shoulders of starved African man. The 3.5 metres high sculpture epitomises the imbalanced distribution of the world´s resources, preserved by means of a biased and unjust world trade.

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Happenings and Art Installations
Additional Information:
Themes: Agricultural subsidies | Imbalanced wealth distribution | NGO activities | World trade
Sculptures: Survival of the Fattest
Type: Overview
Dates: 12th December 2002 | 2003
Locations: Kongens Nytorv, Copenhagen, Denmark | Kultorvet, Copenhagen, Denmark | Town hall square, Copenhagen, Denmark | Esbjerg, Denmark | Kolding, Denmark | Odense, Denmark | Stege, Denmark | Vejle, Denmark | Paris, France
Co-operators and Helpers: Ida Ellekilde Hansen | Lars Kalmar | Martin Craggs | Mellemfolkeligt Samvirke (Danish Association for International Co-operation) | Pernille Neergaard