Young People in Glass Tubes

an installation about life before death

Six glass tubes, similar to the ones used in laboratories and biology classrooms, were set up, each containing a naturalistic corpse of a young human ┤preserved in spirits┤. The aim of the installation was to fan the debate of young people┤s living conditions in a modern city.

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Happenings and Art Installations
Additional Information:
Themes: Social exclusion
Sculptures: Young People in Glass Tubes
Type: Overview
Dates: 15th September 1997
Locations: Town hall square, Copenhagen, Denmark
Co-operators and Helpers: Akhanda | Center for mennesker med spiseforstyrrelser (CMS) | Nicky Bendix, composer
Partners: Youth Conference 13:24, 1997
Related Persons and Entities: UFO (Ungdomsforum)