Octopus Dress

The sculpture is created on the basis of the ´Octopus Dress´,
designed by one of the world´s most renowned Haute Couture
designers, Danish Erik Mortensen (Balmain).

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Clothing Sculptures
Commissioned Work
Additional Information:
Themes: Fashion
Sculptures: Octopus Dress
Type: Overview
Dates: 7th October 1999
Locations: Odense, Denmark | Beklædningsfagskolen, Brummers Plads, Odense, Denmark
Co-operators and Helpers: Jean Pierre Michaud | Jean Voigt | Joergen Simonsen
Partners: Beklædningsfagskolen i Odense / Dress Vocational School | Erik Mortensen
Sponsors: Bikuben | Engineer N.M. Knudsen Foundation | Nykredit | Thomas B. Thrige Foundation