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Updated: 11-05-00

A monument of bronze and concrete in memory of the fall of the Berlin Wall. The monument, surrealistic in its appearance will consist of 25 sculptures in human size. Two rows of 'half' persons enter from the two sides of the wall, becoming whole as they walk out again. Some of the figures will represent 'the foreigners' as an integral part of the German people. Thus, the monument will as an antiracist admonition. Galschiøt hopes it will be possible to set up the monument in Berlin on a remaining piece of the wall. The former Federal Chancellor, now departed, Willy Brandt, supported the idea, and as early as 1990 the Chief Burgomaster of Berlin donated to Galschiøt 1,5 tons of the Berlin Wall. The pieces are placed in his workshop. Since 1990 he has regular contact to the town government aiming at the realization of the project.

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